Ayurveda For Healthy Living
Donna Rixmann Ayurvedic Practitioner

Achieving Health and Longevity through the Art of Daily Living
Ayurvedic Practitioners coach patients on how to live a more balanced and healthy life through diet & lifestyle. When we live out-of-balance with nature--the rhythms of the days, seasons, time of life--dis-ease occurs. The knowledge you will gain during our meetings will be valuable throughout your life. It’s a common-sense perspective on healthy living that is thousands of years old.

During our first meeting, I will gather information on your current habits and lifestyle during an in-depth, 90 minute consultation. Based on information gathered on history, habits, and physical observation, an Ayurvedic analysis will made regarding your current imbalance (complaints, symptoms). Consultations typically occur less and less frequently as you begin to implement the suggested changes and see the results.

The term ‘imbalance’ may be a new one to you when discussing health. Imbalance in Ayurveda could manifest in a variety of ways: A diagnosis you’ve received from your doctor or complaints that you may have a tendency to ignore; Symptoms such as gas, bloating, hiccups, burning, hot flashes, pain, soreness or weakness in muscles or joints, poor sleep, feelings of stress, strong or weak appetite, etc.; are often ignored as something you just live with. Ayurvedic recommendations will address these issues and include: changes in daily habits, diet & lifestyle choices.