Ayurveda For Healthy Living
Donna Rixmann Ayurvedic Practitioner
Ayurvedic Consultations
Making changes can be challenging. The 1st role of a Practitioner is one of analysis of client patterns (and history) regarding why the current imbalance is occurring. My other role is to support your efforts by strategizing how suggested lifestyle and diet changes can be implemented to effect a positive change and restore balance. For example, eating fresh, local food cooked fresh daily can seem like a daunting task. It’s not impossible though, even if you’re working in an office with only a microwave oven. Developing a healthier, more balanced life is a process that may take several meetings. Ayurveda may be a new concept for you so there will be lot’s to learn. It often works out well to meet weekly, then bi-monthly, then monthly, then seasonally. We can discuss what package of meetings makes sense after the initial interview.

An Overview of What You Can Expect:

Review of health history, family history, medications/supplements Review of current diet Questions regarding your daily habits, digestive health, reproductive, sleep, emotional health. Examination of your tongue, taking your pulse. Taking photos for your confidential file. 2nd Meeting we will review your recommendations together and suggestions for a follow-up meeting schedule.


Individual Meetings Packages: Spring & Fall Cleanse